Weight Loss Challenge!

Fat down, Muscle upMany people start off with a simple weight loss goal like: “I want to lose 10 pounds.”  That’s a great goal, but unfortunately, it’s a little too vague.  10 pounds…of what? Fat?  If yes, how will you know when you’ve hit that goal?  By standing on a scale?  Even if you see your weight decrease by 10 pounds, how can you be sure that 10 pounds is all fat?  The truth is: you can’t.
Instead of focusing on trying to change your weight, focus on changing your body composition.
To change your body composition, you won’t have one goal (like “lose weight” or “gain muscle”). You will have two: Reduce Fat Mass and Increase Lean Body Mass

By working towards these goals, UptiFit will set you up for long-term success. You’ll be on the path to changing your body for the future, which means you’ll keep the weight off and the muscle on.

To start changing your body composition today, our Weigh Loss program follows these 5 steps:

1. Get Your Body Fat Percentage MeasuredInbody
This is the most important step.  You must get your body composition tested, and you must commit to judging your progress by your body composition results – not what your weight is on the scale.  This means focusing on your body fat percentage instead of your weight.
At UptiFit, we use a device that uses BIA technology(Inbody), one of the gold standard tests available on the market.
We will get a complete readout of your body with body fat percentage, muscle mass, fat mass, body water, etc.,

2. Choose a Goal to Work on First (Fat Loss first or Lean Body Mass first)
To reach your goals faster, we will target one goal at a time (depending on your body composition test result.)  This is because your body responds differently to programs that target fat and to those that are designed to build lean muscle.

3. Customize a nutrition and exercise plan to Reach Your Goal.
Based on your health and fitness history, your body composition results, your body type and your numbers, we will then customize your workouts, nutrition and metabolic programs around your goals. As your body changes and adapts, the program intensifies to keep you challenged. We will even offer you tips, workouts and nutritional guidance for your off days.

 4. Retest to Track Your Progress Towards Your Goal
After a month or two, it will be time to get your body composition tested again and adjust the diet and exercise plans.

5. Be Patient, consistent and Reach Your Goal!
Changing your body composition is going to take time, and some serious effort.  However, the rewards will be great because the changes will last.
We offer:
One one Personal Training( 30min / 60 min)
– Partners Training( 30min / 60 min)
– Small group(3 – 6 pers) Training (30min / 60 min)

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