Post-Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise  at Uptifit

Post Rehab1The focus of our post-rehabilitation program is on the transition from an acute injury or poor fitness condition, to the capacity to participate in the activities of everyday living, while addressing the issue of safety through the means of supervised corrective exercises. Even the most minor injury can impose negative and lasting effects on your body. Traditional rehabilitation techniques are typically only practiced during the initial healing phase, and you are left to continue to recover on your own. If you don’t continue with post-rehab or correctional exercise, it can create biomechanical imbalances that can lead to soreness and pain in the parts of your body that are forced to compensate. This “collateral damage” can build up over time and lead to other chronic problems.

Post RehabAn appropriate corrective exercise and post-rehabilitation training program can help return you to the quality of life you enjoyed before your injury and/or surgery. Here at UptiFit, we use NASM method to create a corrective exercise program that is successful because it considers your body as a whole, instead of the sum of its parts. The programs we design will first focus on a corrective phase, and then on functional strength.

Conditions benefiting from corrective exercise include back pain, disc herniation, stenosis, sports injuries, inflexibility, neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, knee pain, pelvic dysfunction and so many more.

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